Shakuhachi related links:

Website of Kakizakai Kaoru
This is the personal website for Kakizakai Sensei and includes information about his performance schedule and opportunities for instruction.
Larry Tyrrell’s Website

This is the website for Pacific Northwest shakuhachi instructor and performer Larry Tyrrell. It includes information about his transcultural approach to playing and teaching shakuchachi, as well as CD’s and lesson information.

Monty Levenson’s Website

This is the website for one of the premiere shakuhachi makers and restorers in North America, Monty Levenson.  Over the span of many years, Monty has  been providing players of all ability levels top quality, well made and well tuned flutes that typically are as beautiful to look at as they are to play.  He is an excellent craftsman who is also well regarded for his repair and restoration work, and his website is truly a complete market place for all things shakuhachi.  We’re delighted to have the opportunity to give him our full endorsement.

Shakuhachi maker hanko database

This is a growing database of the hanko (burned in stamps) that you find on some shakuhachi. These stamps identify the maker of the flute and if you have a flute with the maker’s hanko branded in, you may well be able to find it here.