Instruction at SSSG

The regular instructor at SSSG is Patrick Johnson. Patrick has been a student of traditional shakuhachi since 1993 and has been a formal student of Kakizakai Kaoru since 2008. He has an informal endorsement from Kaki Sensei to teach beginning, intermediate and advanced students in the Koten Honkyoku style.

Sign Up

Lessons can be arranged on an individual basis by contacting Patrick through the dojo email, [email protected], or by using the website contact form.

The dojo studio is in Patrick’s home in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Lesson times are available most days of the week and online lessons are available for students outside the Seattle area.

The Lessons

Individual lessons are typically 45 minutes in length and the lesson fee is $40.00 per lesson. Students have the option of paying for the entire month’s lessons at the start of each month or paying as we go and there is no fee for a missed lesson.  If you or I should need to cancel, any fee you’ve already paid will be carried over to the next month.

The Curriculum

The core curriculum of the SSSG is the 22 pieces which make up the Watazumi/Yokoyama interpretation of Classical Honkyoku. Most of the instruction offered at SSSG is in these Honkyoku, though limited instruction is also available in Min’yo (Japanese folk songs), contemporary pieces composed by Fukuda Rando, and some western music.