Flutes for Sale

All of the flutes shown on our website are being sold by private parties. If you see a flute here that piques your interest, please email us at [email protected] and let us know which flute(s) you’d like more information about. We will be happy to answer any questions we can and put you in touch with the seller.

1.6 (E) ChikuSen with one hankō

$500 USD

This is a nicely constructed and well-tuned flute. The overall sound is good and it appears to be in very good shape for its age. Apparently the maker, ChikuSen, reserved this hankō for his more advanced flutes in contrast to student flutes. This is quite a good flute for the price.

1.7 (E♭) ‘Shōkō’ with hankō.

$1400 USD

The maker of this flute may be a student of Inoue Shōzan. It’s a beautiful flute that was later refurbished and re-tuned by Monty Levenson. The tuning is now excellent and the overall sound quality is great – very responsive through both octaves at all volume levels.

The hankō on the left is the maker’s, Shōkō.

On the right is Monty Levenson’s, added after he refurbished the flute.

1.8 (D) Jon Kypros Bell Shakuhachi

$125 USD


This is the Bell Shakuhachi formerly manufactured by Jon Kypros (he has discontinued production). It’s a handmade resin shakuhachi that has very nice tone and excellent tuning, a good alternative to a shakuhachi Yū. This is an especially good choice for a beginning player or someone who would like a good travel flute that is impervious to changes in heat and humidity.

1.8 (D) Monty Levenson Advanced Student model

$725 USD

This flute is in excellent condition and is typical of Monty Levenson’s Advance Student model flute. You can find a great description of it on Monty’s website: https://www.shakuhachi.com

Just click on Advanced Student Shakuhachi in the left hand column and scroll down to the flute identified as AM-18-715.

1.8 (D) unknown maker; one hankō

$425 USD

This is a well-made older flute that plays well and is nicely tuned. We aren’t familiar with the maker. The flute has had some extensive crack repairs which appear to have been well done, likely making the flute very resistant to future cracking in either the upper or lower half of the instrument. The nakatsugi joint seals completely and overall this is a very solid instrument. It would be a good choice for a relatively new player who would like to transition to a madaké bamboo flute.

1.8 (D) unknown maker; one hankō

$275 USD

This is also a well-made flute in excellent condition – no cracks, flaws or blemishes. The tuning is good and the overall tone color is on the more sweet and mellow side. This is another good flute for someone who is looking to purchase an affordable madaké shakuhachi.

1.8 (D) ‘MyōSui (?)’ with one hankō.

$275 USD

The joint was just rebuilt on this flute and otherwise it’s in very good condition. Tuning is good and it plays very strongly through both octaves. Low Ro could be a bit stronger and easier to play perhaps, though a little more sanding on the back of the mouthpiece may well solve that problem!

1.8 (D) ‘RyōDō’ with one hankō

$100 USD

This is a well-made flute with a strong Ro but the tuning is uneven otherwise and the sound quality is a little inconsistent through both registers. This would be a good project flute for someone interested in correcting the pitch and tone issues.

1.8 (D) ‘IchiJō’ with one hankō.

$1800 USD

This flute is a typical example of IchiJo’s high quality work and is virtually a brand new flute that has seen minimal use. It could easily be priced much higher but the seller is motivated to see it placed in the hands of a player who would use it regularly. Consider this one if you’re looking to upgrade to a quality 1.8.

1.8 (D) NyoDō (not Jin NyoDō) with one hankō

$250 USD

This is a nicely made flute with good tuning and sound quality overall though we found it a little challenging to play. This might be an excellent flute for someone who is interested in taking the time to get to know its nuances.

1.8 (D) with two unknown hankō

$600 USD

This is a well-made, well-tuned flute with a strong, consistent sound. This would be a great flute for making the transition from a Yū or other ‘entry level’ flute to your first madake flute.

2.0 (C) ‘YōZan’ with hankō.

$1200 USD

This is a very well made flute, very nicely tuned, with a sweet, rich tone into the third octave. Because it’s tuned in the key of C, this flute would be a great choice for playing a wide range of western tunes, especially folk, jazz and blues.

2.0 (C) ‘SeiKa’ with one hankō

$1200 USD

This flute is nicely made and nicely tuned. The bamboo used in its construction is relatively thin-walled resulting in a lighter weight instrument. Its tone color tends to be on the quiet, mellow side almost like jinashi. It plays easily and, as a 2.0, is a good flute for playing western tunes.

2.0 (C) Senshū, one hankō

$945 USD

This is a beautifully made flute that is in excellent condition – completely free of blemishes, cracks or defects.  The tuning is spot on and the tone color through both octaves is full, rich and resonant.  Since the flute is tuned to C minor, this is a great choice for playing western music, especially jazz and blues.  A high quality cloth carrying bag is included.

2.05 Chikuji, two hankō

$325 USD

This is a nicely made flute with a mellow sound overall.  It’s tuned a little flat of standard Cmin (2.0) pitch, but the tuning is internally consistent and very good otherwise.  This would be a great solo/meditation flute for someone looking for a longer flute or looking to move up to a madaké flute.

2.05 (B/C) ‘ChikuSen’ with one hankō.

$550 USD

This flute is very nicely tuned internally but the root tone (low Ro) is somewhere between a B and a C. It has a beautiful tone however and is lighter than many flutes of the same size. This would be a very nice solo flute for someone who wants to graduate to bamboo and/or would like to be playing in a slightly deeper key.

2.4 (A) Kozan, two hankō

$630 USD

This is a very nicely made flute, constructed from a beautiful piece of bamboo.  It’s well tuned and responsive and the overall tone color is quite nice.  The top half of the flute has been repaired with a total of 9 bindings which should make the flute impervious to any future cracking in the top half.

2.4 (A) ‘ShōZan’ with one hankō.

$775 USD

This is a beautiful, nicely crafted flute in great condition. It has a lighter feel and lighter sound than many other 2.4 flutes and the tone color in both octaves is quite nice. Leather cap and a very nice cloth bag are included.