The SSSG Dojo has been established as a training center for traditional shakuhachi, with an emphasis on working with beginning and intermediate students.

Our formal affiliation is with the International Shakuhachi Kenshukan (training center) founded by Yokoyama Katsuya in Tokyo in 1988.  The Kenshukan promotes the Koten (Classical) Honkyoku tradition of interpreting and performing shakuhachi music, especially the ‘genuine pieces’ (HonKyoku) that have been performed in various Zen temples in Japan for several centuries at least.  The Koten Honkyoku Ryu is currently overseen by three chief instructors, one of whom is the world renowned teacher and performer Kakizakai Kaoru.  Kakizakai Sensei serves as the master instructor and chief advisor to the SSSG Dojo, and through him we trace our lineage to his teacher, Yokoyama Katsuya, and then to the founder of Koten Honkyoku, Watazumi Doso.

The Curriculum

The core curriculum of the SSSG therefore is the 22 pieces which make up the Watazumi/Yokoyama interpretation of Classical Honkyoku.  Most of the instruction offered at SSSG is in these Honkyoku, though limited instruction is also available in Min’yo (Japanese folk songs) and contemporary pieces composed by Fukuda Rando.